Clinton and Patterson's audiobook cast revealed

Clinton and Patterson's audiobook cast revealed

The cast has been announced for the audio version of James Patterson and Bill Clinton’s upcoming thriller, The President’s Daughter (Cornerstone). 

Actor, director and producer Tony Goldwyn, best known for political TV series "Scandal", makes his return to the Oval Office, this time as President Matt Keating, in the audiobook. Mary Stuart Masterson joins Goldwyn as First Lady Sam Keating. 

The President’s Daughter will be published by Penguin Random House UK in June 2021, simultaneous with print and e-book editions.  

It follows the duo’s first novel written together, The President is Missing (Cornerstone). Though it is a standalone novel and not a sequel, it will feature actors January LaVoy, Jeremy Davidson and Peter Ganim from the previous title, who all return to give voice to a new, original cast of characters with seven additional narrators.  

Grammy-winning executive producer Michele McGonigle said: “As I initially read through the script, many of the narrators’ voices came to me. We were committed from the beginning to having a diverse cast.” 

Cornerstone revealed how lockdown presented a new challenge for recording: “Danny Meltzer, the engineer behind many prestigious and Grammy-nominated titles, was called in to wrangle the post-production process, which the pandemic presented with new challenges: no two narrators worked together in the same studio.”  

Meltzer described how the recording was instead made “in home studios, in commercial studios, and in cities all over the place”. He added: “The challenge with a multicast program like this one is to take audio sources from different recording locations and mix them so the experience is consistent for the listener. There are some parts in the programme where narrators speak back and forth with each other in character, and that takes special attention to make sure it works well.”