Clairview to publish Ben Okri booklet

Clairview to publish Ben Okri booklet

Independent publisher Clairview Books is releasing a new booklet by Ben Okri based on a lecture he gave at the International School of Storytelling in Sussex.

The Mystery Feast: Thoughts on Storytelling will be published on 14th October as a £3.99 paperback original and £2.99 e-book (available across all platforms). Clairview’s distributor is BookSource.

Okri is the patron of the Storytelling School and spoke at their recent conference. The book is predominantly made up of a transcript of this talk and is supplemented by a poem, “All We Do” and a “stoku” which is a very short story.

Sevak Edward Gulbekian, publisher at Clairview, said: “It’s about the meaning of stories in our time, how important they are, an inspiration for storytellers and why our culture needs stories. The focus of his work is giving stories a philosophical background and advice to people interested in telling stories.”

Explaining how the book came about Gulbekian said: “The college were going to publish it in a small way and we heard about it and got in touch and asked if we could be involved and publish it properly with an ISBN.”

Okri is published by Head of Zeus and Gulbekian said: “His novels and other works are separate, this is a one-off because of his relationship with the school.”

Clairview looks to publish “challenging non-fiction and other things that publishers are not covering” and has titles by Gore Vidal and Mikhail Gorbachev on its list of around 50 titles.