Canelo signs new series from CJ Lyons

Canelo signs new series from CJ Lyons

Canelo is to publish Last Light, the first in a new series from CJ Lyons, and will reissue her “hugely popular” Lucy Guardino FBI thrillers.

Last Light sees Lucy Guardino take on a new role investigating cold cases which are "possible miscarriages of justice long since forgotten". She is soon drawn into a "dangerous world of buried memories, seething local politics and bitter violence".

Canelo acquired UK and Commonwealth rights (excluding Canada) to the three new novels from Lyons, who has previously published titles through Little, Brown and also self-published her work through Amazon's Createspace platform.

Lyons said: “I am thrilled to be working with the Canelo team for my UK release of the Lucy Guardino titles. My hope is that readers in the UK will enjoy Lucy’s adventures as much as those in the US have and I’m excited to see their response.”

Michael Bhaskar, publishing director of Canelo, said: “CJ Lyons is an incredible author. Not only does she write crime thrillers of exceptional skill, tension, realism and gripping control, but she has built a phenomenal career by following her instincts and going her own way. We can’t wait to be part of that adventure and to publish the great Lucy Guardino novels. She’ll knock ‘em dead.”