Cinderella voted UK’s favourite fairytale

Cinderella voted UK’s favourite fairytale

Cinderella is the most popular fairytale in the UK, according to a new poll of 2,000 parents.  

According to the survey, carried out by Direct Blinds, Cinderella was the most popular choice of 26% of the parents polled, ahead of Goldilocks and The Three Bears (in second place) and Snow White (third).  

Other popular choices were Beauty and the Beast, Alice in Wonderland and The Three Billy Goats Gruff, which each had 18% of the votes, and The Wizard of Oz and Puss in Boots (14%).

However, 8% of the parents admitted they never read fairytales to their children and just less than a quarter (24%) think fairytales are dying out. A small minority (4%) said classic stories are “just too old fashioned”.

Direct Blinds also asked parents about their reading habits and 27% said they read to their children every day. Also 92% said their child would rather be read a fairytale than watch television.

Regionally, parents in Oxford topped the poll in terms of how often they read to their kids, with 42% claiming to do it every day.

Direct Blinds conducted the survey as part of its campaign to help parents encourage their children to have a good nights sleep.