CILIP rebrand meeting pushed back

CILIP rebrand meeting pushed back

A general meeting to discuss plans for CILIP, the Chartered Institute of Librarians and Information Professionals, to rebrand, has been moved to 8th July.

More than 100 members of the organisation co-signed a motion: “This General Meeting believes the current rebranding exercise should be halted, believing it to be a distraction from the urgent tasks of advocacy for the profession, and a waste of scare resources.”

The meeting had originally been slated for 28th June, but has been pushed back to allow members to receive 21 days notice in writing. Members who are unable to attend are able to nominate a proxy to vote in their place at the meeting, which will be held at CILIP’s office in Ridgmount Street, London at 1pm.

Proposer of the motion Tom Roper, clinical librarian at Royal Sussex County Hospital, said in support of the action: “The purpose of this general meeting is not for members to let off steam about the more outlandish suggestions for a change of CILIP’s name, though proposals such as ‘the Knowledge People’ set members thinking and wondering what was being done on our behalf. The motion proposes a halt the current rebranding exercise which, I and others will argue at the meeting, is ill-timed, ill-thought-out, diversionary and a scarce waste of resources.”

He added: “In doing so, we reassert the democracy of our professional association. We can all contribute to a healthy, strong CILIP, able to take on the challenges members face in the many different sectors where we practice professionally. We need to be able to recruit new members and retain existing ones, and to continue the central tasks of a professional association, to regulate the ethical and educational standards of the profession and to be a voice of informed, expert opinion and advocacy on library and information matters.”

John Dolan, leader of CILIP council, said in a statement: “CILIP is changing, just like the profession. Through the changes of the past three years we have gathered views of members, employers and stakeholders and the same issues arise: the perception that CILIP has a traditional and outdated image, that more needs to be done to appeal to the full range of people working in the profession and advocacy should be at the heart of everything we do. CILIP Council and the staff team have been addressing these issues and the rebrand continues this work; to build a robust organisation with a strong voice.”

The rebranding exercise is being carried out with brand consultancy Spencer du Bois, at a cost of £35,000. CILIP members had been asked to respond to a survey which listed a series of potential alternative names for CILIP, including The Knowledge People. Members criticised the options for not including the word “library” or “librarian”.