CILIP members demand halt to rebrand

CILIP members demand halt to rebrand

Members of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP) have demanded a general meeting to debate a halt to the body's proposed rebrand.

A consultation launched on the proposed changes saw members requested for their opinions on a range of new names for CILIP, including "The Knowledge People". None of the options on offer included the word "library" or "librarian", causing several members to express concerns.

President Phil Bradley, speaking to The Bookseller last week, said the £35,000 rebrand, which is being assisted by brand consultancy Spencer du Bois, was "part of a journey we are on". He added: "We are still very early in our discussions, and we will have much more debate at our annual conference in July. Members will be able to vote on the final decision at our AGM in September and I hope by then we will find something that everyone can agree on."

However concerned CILIP members have now called for a general meeting to debate a halt to the rebrand plans on the basis that it is "a distraction from the urgent tasks of advocacy for the profession, and a waste of scarce resources". More than 100 members signed a request submitted to chief executive officer Annie Mauger on Friday afternoon (31st May).

Tom Roper, clinical librarian at Royal Sussex County Hospital, who initiated the call for a meeting, said on his blog: "I ask everyone who signed or has taken part in the debate here and elsewhere, to do their utmost to attend and contribute, and to encourage others to."

According to CILIP's constitution, a general meeting must be called within a month of being requested by members.

On a CILIP blog posted last week, Bradley commented: "I agree entirely that 'The Knowledge People' is as grim as it gets and it's a great shame that there wasn't at least one name with the word Library or Librarian in there." However he added: "As well as the negative feedback that CILIP has had over the last few days there has been positive feedback as well; some people do relish the possibility of change, with a new name, new strapline and new logo."