Choc Lit acquires paranormal romance

<p>Independent publisher Choc Lit is to publish its first paranormal romance after acquiring a title inspired by Sharpe and Terry Pratchett.</p><p>Choc Lit&rsquo;s Lyn Wrenham acquired world rights to <em>The Untied Kingdom</em> direct from author Kate Johnson.&nbsp; The deal marks the expansion of Choc Lit after having previously focused on romance and historical romance. <br /><em><br />The Untied Kingdom </em>sees the hero, Major Harker, fighting on the losing side of an endless civil war in an alternate England, which is now a third-world country. The publisher described the title as inspired by Richard Sharpe and Terry Pratchett.<br /><br />Wrenham said &quot;We&#39;re really excited to finally add a paranormal romance to our selection in what is a very successful genre. <em>The Untied Kingdom</em> was totally devoured when read by our readers on the Tasting Panel and we can&#39;t wait to see the reaction when released into the marketplace.&quot;</p><p>Johnson said: &quot;The concept of England as a third-world country was inspired by an American friend<br />discovering that the routine TB injection I was given at school is now only used in third world countries. . . From there the whole idea took flight, and a series of what-if scenarios unfolded<br />in my head. What if key moments in British history were changed or reversed? What would this damp little island be like if there had never been an empire, if we&#39;d lost every war, if the Industrial Revolution had never happened?&rdquo;</p><p><em>The Untied Kingdom</em> will be published in April 2011.<br /> </p>