Chloe Madeley to publish first recipe book with Transworld

Chloe Madeley to publish first recipe book with Transworld

Fitness author Chloe Madeley is publishing her first recipe book with Transworld in December, called Eating for Results.

In the new book, Madeley shows readers which foods they need to eat depending on whether they want to lose fat, build muscle or implement healthier eating habits. In all, there are more than 80 recipes (billed as "delicious" and "easy") covering breakfast, main meals and snacks. There are also vegetarian, vegan, animal protein, low-carb and low-fat options throughout, plus tips and tricks that show readers how to change a recipe to best suit their own dietary requirements.

Michelle Signore, editorial director, acquired UK and Commonwealth rights from Clare Hulton at The Clare Hulton Literary Agency, commenting: "To be publishing a fourth book with Chloe is tremendously exciting, and testament to both the fantastic content she writes and how hard she works. Chloe’s previous books have all contained nutrition advice and recipe ideas alongside her workouts, and readers love her no-nonsense approach to how we should fuel our bodies. Readers have been crying out for more recipe ideas from Chloe, and she’s well and truly delivered."

The book will publish on 17th December 2020. 

Madeley said she was proud and excited for her latest book, particularly to dispel the notion food can be categorised either 'good' and 'bad'. "I fell in love with what I do now because I fell in love with weightlifting but, truth be told, it's the nutrition and the science behind it that's kept me enthralled nine years on," she said.

"The idea that there are 'good' and 'bad' foods is completely misguided, and this approach often leads to 'dieters' throwing in the towel long before they have achieved the results they want. But there are no 'good' or 'bad' foods: body transformation comes down to calorie intake and, under that umbrella, protein, fat and carbohydrate intakes. You can eat anything you want, as long as you follow these broad and simple rules, which I of course explain in this book."

Madeley continued: "I'm so proud of Eating for Results—if you have a health, fitness or physique goal in mind, this recipe book is the only one you'll ever need."