China's Commercial Press partners with De Gruyter

China's Commercial Press partners with De Gruyter

Chinese publishers are strengthening their connection with Europe, as Commercial Press forms a shared content agreement with German company De Gruyter.

Commercial Press, a Chinese academic publisher which focuses on the humanities and social sciences, will now share content with the German house, with the two companies each producing translations of the other's titles.

The partnership will extend to both print and digital titles, with the new agreement taking effect immediately.

Commercial Press, founded in 1897, produces more than 1,200 titles a year, and is well known in China for its dictionary, which has sold more than 40 million copies, according to the publisher.

Sven Fund, De Gruyter m.d., said: "For us, the partnership with Commercial Press means more than just the licensing of titles. As equal partners, De Gruyter and Commercial Press are committed to sharing content in close collaboration with each other while also initiating joint projects."

The first works to be transferred across will be titles on language, with De Gruyter publishing translations of The Language Atlas of China and The Language Situation in China.

Commercial Press is already working to translate works from De Gruyter’s philosophy portfolio to release in China for the first time.