China focus for Collins launch

China focus for Collins launch

Collins launched two new language and culture books centering on Market Focus country China at this week's London Book Fair.

Key customers at the launch were given a Chinese-inscribed scroll—translating to “Whenever you open up a book, it will benefit you”—created by London-based Chinese calligrapher Zhou Hong.

Collins Easy Learning Chinese Characters is aimed at beginning learners, and introduces  250 of the most commonly used characters in Chinese in a “clear and accessible way”. Practice grids on every page show learners how to construct each character, and meanings are explained along with information about each character.

Collins Chinese Language and Culture, meanwhile, is a concise introduction to the complex subject of China’s language, 3,000 years of history, culture and customs. The book also covers the origins of Chinese writing and essential phrases for the language learner.

Rob Scriven, Collins Language m.d., said: “At Collins, we are fascinated by the rising influence of Chinese culture and language and its impact on the UK, and globally.

"Through these two new publications, we aim to make mastering the 
basics of Chinese easy to new learners whether they’re studying in a classroom or independently 
for business or travel, and to inspire those who are simply interested 
in China.”