Childcare guides from Vermilion

<p>Vermilion is launching a series of illustrated childcare guides intended to offer advice to new mothers during the first few months of a baby&#39;s life.</p><p>The series, which will consist of a range of 64-page paperbacks designed to be practical and supportive, aims to target the areas in which new mothers have the most concerns. It kicks off with four titles on 3rd January: <em>Caring for Your Baby</em>, <em>Breastfeeding and Bottle-feeding</em>, <em>Coping with Crying</em> and C<em>olic and Helping Your Baby to Sleep</em>. All are priced at &pound;6.99.</p><p>Vermilion plans to publish four titles a year, but said that if the series takes off it may increase its output. Spokesperson Hannah Robinson said: &quot;The books have been written for mothers by mothers. They will provide practical, sound advice from their experience. They are not necessarily childcare experts, but expert mothers.&quot; The series has also been read by childcare experts to ensure that all angles have been covered.</p><p>Asda and Boots have already agreed to stock the guides, and Vermilion is also planning to target Mothercare and other non-traditional outlets. Asda is also creating a new parenting book range in which the guides will play a central role.<br /></p>