Chicken House to expand to China

Chicken House to expand to China

Chicken House has signed a special co-operation agreement with China's biggest children's publisher, marking its expansion into the country. 

Chicken House stuck the deal to work under a new joint imprint with China Children’s Press and Publication Group (CCPPG). The deal was confirmed between Jackie Huang of Andrew Nurnberg Associates and Elinor Bagenal, Chicken House’s rights director.

The indie children's publisher will now work with CCPPG on a five-year plan to publish Chicken House titles in translation, plus original works by Chinese authors. As well as traditional publication, the works will be supported by magazine, audio and part work versions. The first range of titles will include The Midnight Hour by Benjamin Read and Laura Trinder and Our Castle by the Sea by bestselling author Lucy Strange.

This follows Chicken House’s publication of White Fox by Chinese author Chen Jiatong in September 2019 – book one in the first middle-grade series ever to be translated from Chinese to English. Rights have already been acquired for US publication, with Scholastic Inc. planning to publish in 2020.

Chicken House publisher Barry Cunningham said: "I’m so excited by both experiences: publishing new talent from China with different ways of storytelling, as well as the chance to introduce our own novels to a new mass audience."

Miao Wei, m.d. of Book Centre in CCPPG, added: "It is the first collaboration between China Children's Press & Publication Group and Chicken House Publishing. We truly and wholeheartedly believe that this cooperation will serve as a bridge in introducing the world's finest works to young Chinese readers, as well presenting the excellent contemporary children's literature in China to the world. Therefore, we are full of expectations and confidence in starting our new project."