Tidewrack memoir to Chatto & Windus

Tidewrack memoir to Chatto & Windus

Chatto & Windus has acquired a memoir, Tidewrack, by Darran Anderson.

The book tells the story of the river Foyle in Derry. Along its banks Anderson helped his father search for the body of his cousin, the third family member to have been lost to its depths. It also tells a broader story of modern Ireland, from the Second World War to the riot-strewn troubles, as a "nuanced portrait of a place, and a memorial to both personal and political landscapes".

Editor Parisa Ebrahimi acquired UK and Commonwealth rights (excluding Canada) at auction from Jack Ramm at Eve White Literary Agency. Emily Bell at Farrar, Straus and Giroux pre-empted North Amercian rights. 

Ebrahimi said: "This sinuous story of a river completely drew me in and pulled me under. In exquisite prose, Darran plumbs the depths of this deep, dark river - through city and countryside - to build a rich textural portrait not only of a place but of a family and its secrets."

Anderson is co-editor of literary journal The Honest Ulsterman. His book Imaginary Cities (Influx Press, 2015) was a named as a Book of the Year in the Financial Times and the Guardian for 2015.