Charity retailers deny damaging indies

Charity retailers deny damaging indies

The Charity Retail Association has denied it is responsible for damaging high street booksellers but said independent retailers need "greater help" in the current climate.

Last Friday (11th November) the BA called on the government to end tax and business rate concessions for charity bookshops, saying that they represent "unfair competition" to high street booksellers.

Today (15th November) the CRA argued competition from the internet and supermarkets coupled with the recession had had a greater impact on high street booksellers than charity bookshops.

It said: “Charity shops are not responsible for the challenges faced by independent booksellers . . . We think that independent retailers could be supported in a variety of ways without penalising charity shops, which raise around £200 million for a huge range of causes in the UK every year, and we would support greater help for independent booksellers in the current economic climate.”

Tim Godfray, chief executive of the BA, last week said the charity retail sector provided bookshops with "unfair" competition.