Peruvian 'rising star' to Charco Press

Peruvian 'rising star' to Charco Press

Edinburgh-based publishing house Charco Press has snapped up World English rights to Peruvian author Renato Cisneros’ "breakthrough" novel La Distancia Que Nos Separa (The Distance That Separates Us).

Carolina Orloff of Charco Press struck the deal with Marina Penalva at Pontas Literary & Film Agency in Barcelona. It plans to publish The Distance That Separates Us (translator to be confirmed) in the UK in July 2018.

The acquisition follows deals for French, German and Italian rights for the "revelatory and moving" book, about an authoritative father and the recent history of Peru. 

International publishers for the book include: Planeta to publish in Peru, Colombia, Argentina and Spain; Christian Bourgois in France, Seix Barral in Mexico, Secession Verlag in Germany and Bompiani in Italy. The latest English deal makes La Distancia Que Nos Separa Cisneros’ English language debut. 

Orloff commented: "Cisneros' extraordinary tale not only encapsulates many of the universal dimensions of family dynamics, but it also represents the socio-political truths and the historical controversies of an entire generation. This is a book that will open the eyes of the English-speaking reader and expose them to the recent decades of Latin American reality like no other book has done so far."

Cisneros' latest book, Dejaras La Tierra (The Land You Leave Behind) has already sold 35,000 copies in Spanish so far, according to Pontas.