Chameleon Books makes staff redundant

Schools book supplier Chameleon Books has made all its staff redundant.

The Peterborough-based business owned by m.d. John Boocock was established in 1997 and employed five people. Former general manager at the company Richard Hemmings, who was employed by the business for seven years, said staff received a letter informing them their jobs would be made redundant the next day because the company was closing. Hemmings questioned whether adequate notice had been given and said staff were "beginning the industrial tribunal process”.

He said: “My job was to deal with the customers which I did well and I don’t feel that my loyalty to the company over the seven years has been rewarded. It is a shame that people like myself who have a lot to offer the trade are unable to do so because of this.”

Hemmings said the business suffered from cash flow problems and its sales had reduced by around 50% in the last three months.

Self-employed rep Jackie Davies, who had worked for the business for around 11 years, said she was owed around £1,000 in commission from the company. She said: “I was still getting orders in because I hadn’t been told what had happened with the company and now I am in a position where I am owed money. I have worked for the company for 11 years and you expect to be shown some loyalty after that—I at least expected to be informed.”

Boocock has not responded to several attempts to contact him by The Bookseller. Chameleon Books has no legal or financial connection to Scortia & Chameleon Books based in Kilsyth, which is still trading well.