Century to publish first book from Insta-star Paperboyo

Century to publish first book from Insta-star Paperboyo

Century is publishing the debut of Rich McCor, aka Instagram star Paperboyo, called Around the World in Cut-Outs. 

Ajda Vucicevic, senior editor at Century, acquired world rights from the author, Rich McCor, to publish as a trade paperback on 5th October 2017.

McCor, known online as @paperboyo, photographs the local London landscape using paper cut-outs, resulting in playful vignettes, one example showing Big Ben transformed into a wristwatch. He has 297,000 followers and has worked with big brands such as Coca Cola, Disney and Vodafone. 

Around the World in Cut Outs will showcase his best-known photographs alongside unseen images that have been especially commissioned for the book. All will be accompanied by "whimsical" captions, according to Century, and the book will also have an interactive section filled with cut-out stencils designed by McCor.

McCor said: "It’s a total privilege for me to be working with a fantastic publishing team and I can’t wait to get the book out there. It's great to be sharing brand new images but I'm also excited about giving an insight into how I come up with ideas and how I create these images."

Vucicevic said: “When I first came across Rich’s account, I knew he was going to be big. His funny and clever paper cut-outs can’t fail to spread a little joy. I’m so excited to be working with Rich and publishing a book that I hope will make people see the world in a completely different way.”