Brickie-turned-astronomer memoir to Century

Brickie-turned-astronomer memoir to Century

Century is publishing an astronomer’s memoir for readers “ready to escape the humdrum of office life”.

An Astronomer’s Tale charts Gary Fildes' journey from bricklayer to founder and lead astronomer of Kielder Observatory, one of the world’s most popular stargazing sites.

Fildes left school at 16 to work on a building site in Sunderland, where he remained for 25 years “stuck” as a bricklayer. Four children later and middle age approaching, he decided to act on his life-long passion and to "escape to the stars".

An Astronomer’s Tale: A Life Under the Stars is Fildes’ transformational story about reconnecting with nature after deciding to build his own observatory. It shows readers how they can also appreciate the constellations and join Fildes in finding a simpler, more fulfilling way to live.

Senior editor Ben Brusey bought world rights direct from the author.

Fildes said: “The stars and the observatory at Kielder changed my life. I hope this book can help others look skyward, too, and find a little bit of space for themselves.”

Brusey said: “Gary’s enthusiasm is infectious and he writes beautifully, as comfortable on landscape as he is on the constellations, or indeed his trowelling methods. I know this book will be loved by anyone ready to escape the humdrum of office life.”

Century will publish An Astronomer’s Tale in hardback and ebook on 16th June 2016.