Century to publish health and fitness book from Tyson Fury

Century to publish health and fitness book from Tyson Fury

Century is publishing a health and fitness book from Tyson Fury this November.

Titled The Furious Method: Transform Your Body, Your Mind and Your Goals, the book on exercise, diet and mental health is a follow-up to the undefeated world heavyweight champion's bestselling autobiography Behind the Mask. Through Nielsen BookScan, his memoir has now sold 168,813 copies across all editions.

The guide follows Fury’s victory against Deontay Wilder earlier this year, making some question if his nickname the "Gypsy King" shouldn't be the "Comeback King". From weighing 28 stone two years ago, Fury shed over 10 stone in weight and came back from the depths of depression and a suicide attempt to reclaim his title.

In the new book, Tyson will open up about his experiences "with trademark honesty", and shares "with humour and with warmth" his training tips and workout plans that readers can apply to their own lives.

Ben Brusey at Century, PRH, acquired world rights in print, serial, digital and audio from Rory Scarfe at The Blair Partnership, commenting: "It’s the most entertaining and accessible health and fitness book I’ve read. I know readers are going to love it, and it will surely be one of the biggest books of the year."

Fury, who credits exercise with managing his depression and trains every day apart from Sundays, commented on his journey and the new book deal: "It’s been an amazing comeback over the past two years and I’ve been overwhelmed by the public’s support. Exercise and working out got me through my tough times. No two ways about it. And staying fighting fit keeps me on the straight and narrow. I hope this book can demonstrate to readers the power of exercise—and maybe even make them laugh a bit while they’re struggling with me through the burpees. They ain’t easy! Remember, you don’t have to look or train like a bodybuilder. Look at me. I’m happy in my skin, even though managing my weight is still a challenge. The benefits of a daily workout can be massive to your body and mind."

Fury will be promoting the book in person this autumn and a "major" publicity, marketing and events campaign is planned.

Fury’s rematch against Deontay Wilder is also expected to take place this autumn.