Celebration of dogs to Canongate

Celebration of dogs to Canongate

Canongate has signed a book celebrating dogs of all shapes and sizes by photographer Lynn Terry.

Publishing director of non-fiction Katy Follain bought UK and Commonwealth rights, excluding Canada, in a deal with Caspian Dennis at Abner Stein. US rights went to Gallery Books after an eight-way auction.

The book, Tails from the Booth, began life a photography project to raise money for local pit bull shelter. Terry takes photos of dogs inside a vintage photo booth. When images from the project were put on website Boredpanda, they were viewed 1.2m times.

Tails from the Booth will feature around 100 images, showing off the personality of a range of dogs.

Follain said: "“This is the kind of humour book that can really strike a chord with a wide audience. It’s funny and charming, and we’ve had a great response from everyone we’ve shown the images to – from bursts of laughter to delighted cooing.”

It will be published in October 2016.