CBBC commissions DK tie-in show

<p>The BBC has commissioned a new series of CBBC science show &ldquo;Richard Hammond&rsquo;s Blast Lab&rdquo;, with a tie-in from Dorling Kindersley.</p><p>The series of 26 30-minute episodes has no confirmed transmission date as yet. DK publishes tie-in <em>Richard Hammond&rsquo;s Blast Lab: Bright Ideas</em> on 1st October as a &pound;14.99 hardback, featuring 20 science experiments.</p><p>The series is set in an underground laboratory where friends compete to take part in Hammond&rsquo;s experiments and win prizes. Hammond said: &ldquo;I am over the moon that we&rsquo;ll be making another series; I think we really are bringing science to life.&rdquo;</p><p>The second instalment of the first series of &ldquo;Blast Lab&rdquo; begins on Saturday (20th June) at 8.30 a.m., repeated on CBBC on 22nd June at 4.30 p.m. </p><p>CBBC has also commissioned &ldquo;Space Hoppers&rdquo;, a new series of seven 30-minute adventures featuring Perseus-published author Professor Brian Cox, which will launch in 2010, in conjunction with BBC Science series &ldquo;Seven Wonders of the Solar System&rdquo;, also presented by Cox.</p><p>Cox&rsquo;s first book <em>Why Does E=MC2? </em>is published on 2nd July, and he is reportedly &ldquo;in discussions&rdquo; about tie-ins for the new series.</p>