Cassell scoops Jeff Buckley diaries and letters

Cassell scoops Jeff Buckley diaries and letters

Cassell Illustrated has scooped a book of writing by Jeff Buckley, including never before seen lyrics, diaries and letters.

Jeff Buckley: His Own Voice by his mother Mary Guibert and Rolling Stone journalist David Browne will be published on 15th October to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the musician’s bestselling album “Grace”.

The Octopus imprint’s senior commissioning editor, Romilly Morgan, acquired UK and Commonwealth rights directly from De Capo Press, Hachette Book Group US.

His Own Voice will provide a first-person account of Buckley’s life, from the late singer-songwriter detailing his youth in Orange County to entries he wrote in the months prior to his May 1997 death. The book will feature unseen photos and artefacts from the Buckley archive.

The publisher explained: “Throughout his life, Buckley obsessively kept journals chronicling his goals, inspirations, aspirations, and creative struggles. His diaries amount to one of the most insightful life chronicles any musical artist has ever left behind. The book will mark the first-ever publication of Buckley's account of his journey through his handwritten diaries and lyrics. Combined with reproductions of other memorabilia, including letters, notes, and unpublished lyrics - the book will take readers deep inside Buckley's creative mind and personal life.”

Morgan said: “His Own Voice marks the first time that Jeff Buckley’s journals – as well as letters, notes and lyric sheets will be published. The pages are filled with the longing, pain, lust and hope that are so richly rendered in his music. I am truly honoured to be publishing an exquisitely intimate portrait of rock’s last great, romantic.”

“There have been and probably always will be those who wish to speak for my son, take credit for his success, or put words in his mouth,” said Guibert. “In choosing these pages to share with the world, I’m giving him the chance to speak with his own voice, for the record and for his fans to see what a sweet, funny, amazing human being he was.”