Cassell goes for broke with McClure and Boyce

Cassell goes for broke with McClure and Boyce

Octopus imprint Cassell will publish a "personal finance guide for modern times", Never Go Broke: How to Make Money Out of Just About Anything by Jesse McClure and Lee Boyce in May 2021.

Publishing director Stephanie Jackson acquired UK Commonwealth rights from Sarah Williams at the Sophie Hicks Agency.

Never Go Broke will contain tips, tricks, advice and practical strategies readers can use to make money by selling everyday items and will show readers practical applications to make money right now and how to grow that money to either reinvest, repurpose, or help circumnavigate financial difficulties, says the publisher. 

Jackson said: "With so many struggling and the prospect of economic disruption continuing for the foreseeable, Never Go Broke is a lifeline. How can you make money today? How can you generate real cash this week? This isn’t about stocks, shares and investment for the comfortable – it’s a real-time lifeline for side-hustlers, downsizers, work-from-homers, the overstretched and anyone who needs to generate some extra cash right now but doesn’t know how. Jesse and Lee are dynamic, charismatic and evangelical about helping real folks survive and thrive – and it’s a real thrill to publish their first book."

McClure, who is known for TV shows such as "Storage Hunters" and "British Treasure American Gold", said: "I love Lee and his passion for personal finance, but investing, retirement, stocks... often, it makes me want to take a nap. That said, I do love one thing more than anything else: making money. Times are tough, and whether things are going good or bad for you, we want to teach you everything we know about making money. Yes, our advice is good... but no, we will not get you 'rich quick', and no, you don't need 10 of your friends to join in selling 'our system'. This is a simple, straightforward approach we want to share with you in making some extra money, period — or even a bit more, if you are up for it. Never Go Broke is Martin Lewis meets Mrs. Hinch. An honest, but easy way you can make some money, just like us."

Boyce, who is the personal finance editor for This Is Money, the money section of the Mail Online, added: "We can’t wait for Never Go Broke to be published. No experience is required, you can start immediately! We can't promise to make your rich, but we promise you'll never go broke in three easy to digest parts – building a pot of cash from seemingly nowhere, establishing your blueprint to grow the pot and putting these practical steps into motion."

Alongside the book announcement, the authors are simultaneously launching the Never Go Broke brand which will serve as a space for sharing personal finance guidance and a community for discussion around these under-discussed yet essential topics.