Caradoc King memoir to S&S

<p>A P Watt agent Caradoc King has had his &quot;strong and courageous&quot; memoir acquired by Simon &amp; Schuster. Publishing director Suzanne Baboneau bought UK and Commonwealth rights to Problem Child from Derek Johns at A P Watt for an undisclosed sum. It will be published in hardback in spring 2011.</p><p>At 15 King discovered, via his headmaster, that he was adopted. A year later he was cast out of the family by letter for &quot;dissolute, degenerate behaviour&quot;. He tells of how his &quot;domineering&quot; adoptive mother Jill never grew to bond with him but, despite his troubled teenage years, he went to Oxford University, where he met Philip Pullman on his first day, a man who would become his first client.</p><p>Baboneau said: &quot;It is a very strong and courageous piece of writing and tells an extra&shy;ordinary story.&quot;</p>