Capuchin Classics calls for reader input

<p>Publisher Capuchin Classics has asked its readers to suggest new titles for its programme of publishing forgotten works of fiction.</p><p>The publisher aims to republish neglected works of fiction, as well as travel and biography. It has asked readers to suggest works by emailing If chosen, the reader will receive a year&#39;s supply of Capuchin Classics, roughly 18 titles.</p><p>Capuchin&#39;s Emma Howard said: &quot;We have built up a warm relationship with our readers, many of whom have taken to heart our mission to reprint in attractive editions fine works of literature that changes in fashion or accident have caused to become unavailable or difficult to obtain.&nbsp; </p><p>&quot;Our newsletters, blogs, websites and other forms of communication have provoked some energetic exchanges on literary matters and produced many an endorsement of the style and content of our books.&nbsp; Our offer for readers to contribute to the selection process is a natural extension of this<br />relationship.&nbsp; It has been delightfully prolific so far.&quot;</p>