Cape signs Fab Four photos

<p>Jonathan Cape has acquired world rights to a photographic title documenting a day in the life of The Beatles.</p><p>Cape editor Mark Holborn bought the rights in the book by photographer Don McCullin from Abner Stein.</p><p><em>A Day in The Life of The Beatles</em> contains images taken on &quot;The Mad Day Out&quot; in 1968 when The Beatles were at the pinnacle of worldwide fame and recording the White Album. </p><p>Other than three pictures, the publisher claims the images have never been seen before. One of the most striking images is a picture of John Lennon posing as though he were dead.</p><p><br />Holborn said: &quot;For a younger generation this is going to be a look back but it is of a period which, to them, is history. For all those who were growing up in the 1960s it will be their Christmas book. It taps into a memory of another time.&quot;</p><p>The book has the full approval of Sir Paul McCartney and includes quotations from him. <em>A Day in The Life of The Beatles </em>will be published as a &pound;20 hardback on 8th December. </p>