Cape acquires Graphic Novel

Jonathan Cape has acquired the Observer/Cape/Graphic Short Story Prize 2011-winning work, The Encyclopedia of Early Earth by Isabel Greenberg.

Publisher Dan Franklin bought UK and Commonwealth rights, excluding Canada, through Simon Trewin at United Agents, who has also sold rights in the graphic novel to Random House Canada and, through Seth Fishman of the Gernert Company, Little, Brown US.

The book will be published in 2013, and is a graphic novel of the folklore and fables of the humans living on earth during a lost period of its history. Greenberg's winning entry to the competition, which became part of the novel, was “Love in a Very Cold Climate” telling the story of a marriage between a north pole dweller and a south pole dweller, who, surrounded by a magnetic force field, can never touch one another.

Franklin called it a “a hugely ambitious, beautifully realised larger project”.