Canongate teams up with Book Depository for Classics promotion

<p>Canongate and The Book Depository have entered into an official partnership, with the online bookseller selling the Scottish publisher&#39;s reissued Canongate Classics. More than 100 Canongate Classics titles are being sold through the site, with both physical and e-book versions available. They will be exclusively sold through a dedicated online shop on The Book Depository site until becoming available to other retailers in March.<br /><br />The project is also partly funded by Creative Scotland, as the list includes many previously out-of-print titles, and is made up purely of work by Scottish authors, including novelists such as Robert Louis Stevenson and Alasdair Gray. <br /><br />Canongate&#39;s head of sales Sophie Hopkin said: &quot;We are delighted to be working in conjunction with The Book Depository and Creative Scotland to give the Classics a new lease of life in both digital and physical form. The early sales on all titles have been really promising and having a dedicated shop with The Book Depository will serve to raise the profile of the list both home and abroad.&quot;<br /><br />Kieron Smith, managing director of The Book Depository, said: &quot;We were keen to help this initiative in any way we could, it&#39;s a great way to get some fantastic titles back into the hands of reader.&quot;<br /><br />The project was launched at the Wigtown Book festival last month, with information given to every visitor in addition to details of a competition to win the entire set of e-books loaded onto a Sony e-reader.</p>