Canongate rebrands Canons list

Canongate rebrands Canons list

Canongate is rebranding its Canons list with the release and “canonisation” of nine modern classics.

The series was launched in August 2011, when 12 iconic titles were re-released with original cover artwork and an introduction by a well-known writer. The nine titles being published this year are: On Forgiveness by Richard Holloway (January); No One Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July (February); One Moonlit Night by Caradog Prichard (March); Girl Meets Boy by Ali Smith (May); Ham on Rye by Charles Bukowski (June); Homicide by David Simon (July); Pereira Maintains by Antonio Tabucchi (August); Fup by Jim Dodge (October); and How to Be a Grrrl! by Lucy Van Pelt, the fictional cartoon character of “Peanuts” renown (November).

Louise Joyner, editorial director at Canongate, said: “There are lots of fantastic canon and classic lists, but these books batter at the boundaries and create conversation about what makes them classic. We’re breathing fresh life into the books we love. Canongate is all about the book itself and our relationship with excellence. These books are the best of their kinds, but also a mix of writing and genres. We’re asking what makes a masterpiece.”

Speaking about the evolved branding, Joyner explained: “We were looking at a different way of approaching the Canons series and we were keen to use the branding in a more flexible way.” The new batch have original covers designed around a keyline border which wraps around the “C” logo, with “The Canons” running below as a centred footer. Joyner added: “Some of the keylines are very light, or fade out, one [One Moonlit Night] is printed in spot UV.”

Canongate plans to publish a small group of titles every year to add to its canon. Most titles will come from the publisher’s backlist, but there will be the occasional frontlist title (such as the Van Pelt title) in addition to acquisitions from other publishers.

Joyner said: “This is a chance to present books to readers that make them want to read something they might have passed by before. It’s a statement of positive intent. We want to think about these books for a fresh audience as well as for their core fanbase.”

Canongate will publicise each book on publication, with Joyner adding: “As we add more books to this livery, we will be doing more to promote it as a collection.”