Canongate puts Obama on the App

<p>US president Barack Obama&#39;s bestselling memoir <em>Dreams from my Father</em> has been launched as an e-book application for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch devices.<br /><br />The memoir, along with an app version of Obama&#39;s <em>The Audacity of Hope</em>, are available from the App Store priced &pound;4.99 - about half the price of the current print edition. Dan Franklin, digital editor at Obama&#39;s UK publisher Canongate, said: &quot;It is a phenomenal book which deserves to be made available in all the formats the times allow. It&rsquo;s been a huge success as a printed book and we imagine it will be very successful on the iPhone and iPod touch.&quot; </p><p>Along with standard e-book features like changing font size, users are able to email extracts to friends and use a tilt-scroll feature that allows users to turn pages without touching the screen.</p><p>The application has been developed by Enhanced Editions, an e-book production house co-founded by Peter Collingridge of digital design company Apt Studio. Collingridge said: &quot;Electronic reading is at its tipping point, and the availability of Dreams from my Father on iPhone and iPod touch &mdash; by far the most exciting and widely distributed devices for ebooks &mdash; shows how new technology can help bring literature to an even wider audience.&quot;</p>