Canongate pre-empts detective series

Canongate pre-empts detective series

Canongate has pre-empted a new crime series by author Sally Andrew ahead of the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Louisa Joyner at Canongate and Mandy Brett and Michael Heyward at Text have pre-empted rights in two books in a deal with Isobel Dixon at Blake Friedmann. Attempted pre-empts have already been made in the US and other territories for the first book, Tannie Maria's Recipes for Love and Murder.

The books combine crime and cooking, set in the rural Karoo region of South Africa.

Joyner said: "I received this book from Isobel on Tuesday afternoon, I circulated it at 5am on Wednesday morning; by Friday we couldn’t believe our luck to be Tannie Maria’s publishers. This book is reminiscent of Alexander McCall Smith and Cooking with Fernet Branca but is steeped in an authenticity and a depth of honesty that is truly rare."

Publication is currently planned for autumn 2015.