Canongate acquires The Confidence Game

Canongate acquires The Confidence Game

Canongate is to publish The Confidence Game, a psychological investigation into the conman by New York Times bestselling psychologist Maria Konnikova.

Senior editor, Jenny Lord, acquired UK and Commonwealth rights from Kate McLennan at Abner Stein on behalf of The Gernert Company.

The Confidence Game: The Psychology of the Con and Why We Fall For It Every Time investigates the psychological principles that underlie each stage of the confidence game and the profile of both the conman artist and his mark.

"Typically artists of persuasion and exploiters of trust, conmen hold a deep, enigmatic fascination for us. But how do they do it? From suspicious-looking emails to a multimillion-dollar global swindle, we learn how grifters can be so persuasive, even to those of us who consider ourselves immune, and how we can train ourselves to discern the signs of a story that isn't quite what it seems," the publisher said.

Konnikova added: "I'm thrilled to be publishing The Confidence Game with the incredible team at Canongate. Researching the book has been one of the most fascinating and revelatory experiences of my career. In some ways, I've learned more about human nature in the last three years than in the majority of my doctoral work – and I'm excited to share the results with the public."

Lord said: "After exploring the extraordinary powers of mind of Sherlock Holmes, star psychology writer Maria Konnikova turns her attention to the art of the con. In this riveting and meticulously researched book, we learn what makes a con artist and how it is that we continue to be duped."

Canongate will publish The Confidence Game in trade paperback in January 2016.