Canongate acquires Jules Evans title

Canongate acquires Jules Evans title

Canongate has acquired a new non-fiction title on "ecstatic experience", The Art of Losing Control, by writer and philosopher Jules Evans.

In The Art of Losing Control, Evans argues that there are ways of letting down our guard and opening ourselves to "ecstatic experiences". The book balances personal narrative with interviews and readings of ancient and modern thinkers and is a "rich, witty, provocative, intellectually rigorous and timely guide for anyone who wants to experience a connection to something bigger than themselves."

Jenny Lord, senior editor, bought world rights from Will Francis at Janklow & Nesbit, in an exclusive deal.

Lord said: "Jules is a highly skilled communicator and populariser of ideas and we are thrilled to have lured him to the Canongate fold. Like the very best kind of nonfiction, The Art of Losing Control promises to be as entertaining and enlightening as it will be rigorous. There is no other book like it, and no author better placed to write it."

Evans said: "I hope this book sparks off lots of conversations about the nature of ecstatic experiences, how we can find them in modern culture, what they mean, when they’re good for us, and when they’re not so good. It’s a really juicy subject that touches on so many areas, from religion to psychology to arts and politics. Canongate is the perfect home for this book, and I’m proud to be published by them."

His first book Philosophy for Life and Other Dangerous Situations (Rider), was published in 2012 in 19 languages.