Canelo takes on Headley's Dome Press titles

Canelo takes on Headley's Dome Press titles

Canelo is taking on titles currently released by The Dome Press, a publisher set up by agent and bookseller David Headley.

Authors joining the Canelo stable include series advisor on the BBC’s “Happy Valley” R C Bridgestock, Adrian Magson, the CWA-nominated Alis Hawkins, Janie Millman, Jean Levy, Shelan Roger and Rachael Featherstone.

The books range from a contemporary West Yorkshire police procedural to Victorian mysteries in the Welsh valleys, globe-trotting comedies to hard-boiled crime set in the France in the 1960s.

All the titles will be available as Canelo e-books on major platforms from October 2020, with a wider review of the list including rebrandings and print offerings intended for 2021 release.

Headley told The Bookseller he had decided to focus his attention on being an agent and managing bookshop Goldsboro Books. In print, The Dome Press will publish hardbacks only and they will be sold through Goldsboro Books exclusively.

Canelo co-founder and publishing director Michael Bhaskar said: “We’re huge fans of The Dome Press. It always shared with Canelo a clear eye for genre talent, and a relish in pure storytelling panache that caught our eye and got us reading. So when the opportunity came to work on these remarkable books we were absolutely thrilled. It’s a major step for Canelo in what is set to be a blockbuster year for us.”

Headley added: “Canelo have long been on our radar as a dynamic and innovative publisher and with the launch of their new Canelo Crime imprint, as well as their established line of titles, we are so excited to see the Dome’s titles being taken over by them going forward. We know that Canelo are going to do fantastic things for these authors, and breathe new life into what are supremely brilliant reads.”