Canelo snares Bugler crime series in four-book deal

Canelo snares Bugler crime series in four-book deal

Canelo has snared a new crime series by Sheila Bugler in a four-book deal, following fictional journalist Dee Doran’s investigations in Eastbourne.

Editorial director Louise Cullen acquired world English language rights from Laura Longrigg at MBA Literary Agency. The first novel in the deal, I Could Be You, will be published in January 2020, in paperback and ebook, with plans for an audio edition to follow. Three books are planned in the series with the fourth novel to be a standalone suspense thriller.

The first book's synopsis says: “In I Could Be You Dee is horrified to come across a dead body she recognises as her neighbour and realise the woman’s child is missing. As Dee helps the police with their enquiries she cannot resist doing some investigating of her own. Soon she is pulled into a tale of secrets and revenge that places her in direct danger."

Cullen said: “From the opening of this novel I knew Dee Doran was special. Her natural journalistic instincts are sparked to life after a difficult time has previously seen her retreat into obscurity. She’s revealed to be a clear-eyed, empathetic and perceptive character who I totally fell for. The south coast setting lends comparisons with the excellent Broadchurch TV series and Sheila’s nuanced yet gripping exploration of seething jealousy giving way to murder is chilling and compelling. I’m delighted to work with Sheila on the series as well as having a standalone novel to look forward to.”

Bugler added: “I am absolutely thrilled to join Canelo, a publisher I've wanted to work with for some time. Getting a four-book deal is a dream come true and I'm so excited about introducing Dee Doran (and Eastbourne) to the crime fiction world.”

Longrigg said: “We’re very excited about Canelo’s plans for Sheila’s crime series and much look forward to working with them.”