Canelo signs 'wicked' novel by Eric Idle

Canelo signs 'wicked' novel by Eric Idle

Digital publisher Canelo is to release Monty Python co-creator and comedian Eric Idle’s new novel in October.

The Writer’s Cut is described as “a wicked, enthralling comedy” set during the glorious days of the Bush Empire.

The novel follows Stanley Hay, a joke writer with a career going nowhere in particular. Until, that is, he decides to write a novel.

The book will be released digitally on 5th October priced £3.99.

World English language rights were acquired from Rory Scarfe at Furniss Lawton.

Idle said: “In Hollywood, the writer is somewhere between the waiter and the man who parks cars. This is a writer's revenge.”

Michael Bhaskar, co-founder and publishing director of Canelo, said: “We are utterly thrilled to be publishing The Writer’s Cut. It’s sharp, funny, pointed and brilliant, skewering not only the mores of the LA elite but also those of us in the rarefied world of book publishing.”

Canelo is a digital-only start-up founded by former Profile digital publisher Bhaskar and former Quercus employees Iain Miller and Nick Barreto in January this year.

Idle is a comedian, actor, author, singer, playwright, songwriter and co-creator of Monty Python on TV, stage and films, including The Holy Grail.