Canelo packs up an Abandoned Bookshop

Canelo packs up an Abandoned Bookshop

Digital-only publisher Canelo will launch a new imprint in August, called Abandoned Bookshop, with Friday Project publisher Scott Pack and freelance editor Katherine Stephen.

Canelo was founded by former Profile digital publisher Michael Bhaskar, along with Iain Millar and Nick Barreto, formerly of Quercus, in January 2015.

Pack, who is currently associate editor at Unbound, and Stephen will “uncover the best books we have forgotten about, lost sight of, or never even knew existed in the first place”, a spokesperson for the company said, adding: “It will be surprising and wide-ranging, crossing popular with literary, famous names and undiscovered gems, old classics with cutting-edge new works.”

Titles already signed to the digital imprint include Rudyard Kipling’s account of his travels in Brazil; a novel by Nobel Prize in Literature winner, Italian author Grazia Deledda; and a quintet of forgotten 1930s crime novels.

The imprint will also work with translators on a range of classics from around the world that have never appeared in English before.