Campaigners plan London libraries march

Planning for a London rally in support of libraries will get underway this month, after the idea of holding a day of national action gained favour with campaigners at the Library Campaign conference last month.

The demonstration, aimed to put pressure on the government to intervene over library closures, could include a read-in at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. A march on Downing Street was another option mooted at the conference. The event is likely to take place in February, close to National Library Day, which has already been confirmed for 4th February.

The Library Campaign will hold an initial planning meeting on 19th November with other involved parties, including Voices for the Library, which co-organised last month's conference.

One of those backing the rally plan is Mar Dixon, the Shropshire ICT lecturer whose "savelibraries" hashtag remains active on Twitter 10 months after it was first created. Dixon said she had a "fantastic" response from Twitter followers after mentioning the rally idea on the microblogging site. 

She said: "Library people, literary festivals and children's publishers all came forward. Within a couple of hours I could have guaranteed 10/15 authors who would have shown up." 

She added she felt some inspiration from the Occupy Wall Street movement. She said: "We don't have money, we can't do billboards or ads, but we can come together in numbers, and it does make a difference. We need answers [from the government] and we get tired of being told we can't have them."