Burnham urged to intervene in Swindon

<p>Libraries campaigner Alan Gibbons has written to Andy Burnham to urge the secretary of state for culture to intervene in the library closures in Swindon.<br /><br />Burnham <a href="../news/81915-burnham-sets-up-wirral-inquiry.html" target="_blank">previously announced that he will review Wirral&#39;s decision</a> to close eleven of its 24 libraries. Gibbons, a children&#39;s writer and independent educational consultant, believes Swindon&#39;s situation is comparable.</p><p>The letter read: &quot;I would argue that it could be seen as inconsistent to investigate Wirral without also asking Swindon to account for itself and make clear plans for the town&#39;s library services.&quot;</p><p>It added: &quot;As I am sure you are aware, Swindon council has proposals to cut local library services. Four branch libraries have been earmarked but there have been press reports of a council document highlighting nine outlets as superfluous to requirements.&quot;<br /><br /> Gibbons will hold a Campaign for the Book conference on 27th June to discuss the issues in both Wirral and Swindon. </p>