Burnham tells CILIP: 'No Wirral Review'

<p>The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals has been told by culture secretary Andy Burnham that he &quot;is not minded at this stage to investigate further or intervene&quot; in the library closures in Wirral.</p><p>CILIP said it had received this response after formally asking Burnham to review Wirral council&#39;s plans to close almost half its public libraries.</p><p>CILIP has reacted with anger. Chief executive Bob McKee said: &quot;As the recession bites and people need their local libraries more than ever, this government has effectively given local authorities complete freedom to close their libraries.&quot; </p><p>He added: &quot;Exactly when local authorities are looking to make reductions to meet budget targets for the new financial year, Andy Burnham has made local libraries an even softer target for cuts.&quot; </p><p>Leader of CILIP council Caroline Moss-Gibbons said the Department of Culture, Media and Sport &quot;should be embarrassed that while 2008 was the government-backed National Year of Reading, 2009 looks like the year they do nothing while increasing numbers of libraries close.&quot;</p>