Brown is the top download on Sony's ebook store

<p>Sony has annnounced the 10 millionth download from its ebook store: predictably it was a Dan Brown book, <em>The Digital Fortress</em>. Brown was also revealed as having the bestselling ebook on the site since it was launched in late 2006, with <em>The Lost Symbol</em> the most downloaded title, ahead of titles by James Patterson and Stephenie Meyer.</p><p><strong>The Top 10 all time list</strong></p><p>1. The Lost Symbol, by Dan Brown<br /><br />2. I, Alex Cross, by James Patterson<br /><br />3. Breaking Dawn, by Stephenie Meyer<br /><br />4. Eclipse, by Stephenie Meyer<br /><br />5. The Help, by Katherine Stockett<br /><br />6. Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer<br /><br />7. New Moon, by Stephenie Meyer<br /><br />8. The Lovely Bones, by Alice Sebold<br /><br />9. The Girl with the Dragon, Tattoo by Stieg Larsson<br /><br />10. The Last Song, by Nicholas Sparks<br /><br /><br />Sony&#39;s Reader Store was created in September 2006, and now features access to more than one million titles.</p>