Brooks explores the power of numbers for Scribe

Brooks explores the power of numbers for Scribe

Scribe will publish The Art of More by quantum physicist Michael Brooks, author of 2018 title for the publisher, The Quantum Astrologer’s Handbook.

The publisher bought UK, Commonwealth and EU rights from Patrick Walsh at PEW. The title will be published by Scribe in September 2021. US rights went to PRH imprint Pantheon amid a flurry of deals in other territories.

Its synopsis reads: "The Art of More is an ode to the mathematics that has shaped our world: from enabling explorers to travel far across the seas and astronomers to map the heavens, to winning the Second Second World War and halting the HIV epidemic."

Molly Slight, editorial director, said: "Michael Brooks’ brilliant The Art of More was conceived as a book about maths for people who would never really read a book about maths, and I think it entirely succeeds. As somebody who has not studied maths in any capacity since school, I was struck by Michael’s ability to make this topic accessible without being reductive; his explanations of the maths behind humanity’s greatest achievements are clear and easy-to-follow, even though the concepts he covers are often extraordinarily complex. Overall, he powerfully demonstrates that maths is for all of us — it has made us who we are — and he inspires readers to recognise the power of numbers."

Brooks commented: "I’m extremely excited at the prospect of publishing with Scribe again, and at the prospect of welcoming new members to the maths appreciation club! Researching and writing this book has led me down paths I could never have imagined had anything to do with mathematics. So many of us have struggled with maths, and I’m hopeful that The Art of More will help people see that the subject is not just about doing sums, but about art, architecture, and revolutions too."