Bronson joins Apex line-up

<p>Independent publisher Apex has &quot;stepped up the game&quot; with a flurry of celebrity signings. </p><p>In little more than a week, the house has signed deals with infamous jailbird Charles Bronson, Chas Hodges, of Chas and Dave fame, Jill Allen-King MBE and the BBC&#39;s &quot;Egghead&quot; C J de Mooi. As previously revealed, Apex has also signed biographies of reality TV star <a href="../news/97853-apex-signs-celebrity-star-van-day.html" target="_blank">David Van Day</a> and <a href="../news/98139-apex-signs-del-newman-autobiography.html" target="_blank">musician Del Newman</a>. All bar one are due out next year.</p><p>Chris Cowlin, production and publishing manager, said the team had been &quot;working very hard&quot; to secure all the deals. &quot;We have been going for seven years, and stepped up the game recently. We were looking for six to 10 books for 2010, and have been hunting around for various people to sign,&quot; he said. &quot;It was always the plan to do this&mdash;when you are more well-known, you attract bigger and better names.&quot;</p><p>As a result, the team will publish fewer books in 2010. Cowlin said no more than 12 titles would be released, compared with 55 in 2008. Many of these were quiz books. The Bronson book, which is co-written by Robin Barratt and entitled <em>Respect and Reputation</em>, is due out in June. Cowlin said the book would &quot;try to demonstrate that gaining respect and building a reputation is all about what you say and how you treat and respect others&quot;. </p><p>Meanwhile <em>Chas and His Rock &#39;N&#39; Roll Allotment</em>, due out in August, is billed as &quot;a gardening book like no other&quot;. Cowlin said: &quot;It&#39;s very much aimed at young men who haven&#39;t got a clue in the garden, with funny stories of the singers and bands he has played in.&quot; These titles will be &quot;two of our biggest for next year&quot;, Cowlin added, &quot;although we are still looking to sign a few more deals, so who knows&quot;. </p><p><em>Just Jill: The Autobiography of Jill Allen-King</em>, due out in June, traces her life from a young girl who became completely blind to working as a campaigner. C J de Mooi&#39;s book, <em>How to Win TV Game Shows</em>, is due out June 2011, and aims to &quot;put you on the right track to shine on the programme itself&quot;. </p>