Broccoli Book Club podcast to launch with Shadijanova

Broccoli Book Club podcast to launch with Shadijanova

Podcast production house Broccoli Content has unveiled its book club podcast series, Broccoli Book Club, which premieres next year and will be hosted by journalist Diyora Shadijanova.

Intended as to act as a virtual reading group, the club aims to give readers an "opportunity to expand their views by introducing them to bold titles and new authors through provocative conversation and meaningful discussion". The first book in the series is What Have I Done? (Penguin), a memoir from Laura Dockrill’s (pictured), which explores the author’s struggle with post-partem pyschosis.   

Twice a month, Shadijanova invites listeners to join her for a discussion around a selected book and subsequent conversation with the author in a second episode.  

Listeners will be encouraged to read the selected novel and share their own thoughts the Broccoli Content Team’s social media channels and its Goodreads account. Audience feedback will be included into the monthly podcast conversations.   

Upcoming book club titles include Afropean by Johny Pitts (Penguin), Mindf*ck by Christopher Wylie (Profile), Humankind by Rutger Bregman (Bloomsbury) and The Good Immigrant, edited by Nikesh Shukla (Unbound).

Commenting on the podcast launch, Shadijanova said: “After a difficult year of living isolated lives and not socialising as much as we used to, it’s exciting to create a podcast that brings people together in a digital space. Books are a place of comfort, joy and learning. Not only is reading good for improving memory and empathy, but research also shows that they can make us feel more positive too. And positivity is what the whole world needs right now. I hope that Broccoli Book Club will offer people a chance to be part of a wider community, where we read critical and interesting texts which inspire us to think beyond our daily lives and in more open-minded ways.”  

The first episode will be released on 7th January, 2021.