British Library to publish Conan Doyle's Arctic diary

British Library to publish Conan Doyle's Arctic diary

Arthur Conan Doyle’s diary of a youthful expedition to the Arctic is set to be published for the first time by the British Library.

The account of the Sherlock Holmes creator's experiences as a ship’s surgeon on the Arctic whaler The Hope has been unavailable to the public since being written more than a century ago. Penned in 1880 when the writer was just 20, Dangerous Work: Diary of an Arctic Adventure will be printed as a facsimile edition showing Conan Doyle’s original handwriting and sketches, alongside a full transcription and photos of the journey.

Conan Doyle biographers Jon Lellenberg and Daniel Starshower co-edited the volume, and have included several pieces of Conan Doyle’s related work, including a Holmes story, and magazine pieces.

Lellenberg said: “In this diary’s entries, we see the young medical student step outside the classroom into settings of high adventure and great peril, finding his way among hard men whose skill and daring he came to respect greatly, and at the end of the voyage encountering a direct link to the first tale about Sherlock Holmes that he would write six years later.”

The book will be published on 26th September, priced at £25.