‘Britain’s loneliest shepherdess’ finds love in new book with Sphere

‘Britain’s loneliest shepherdess’ finds love in new book with Sphere

Sphere will publish My Farming Life, the new memoir from shepherdess Emma Gray, author of One Girl and Her Dogs.

Rhiannon Smith, editorial director, acquired world rights from Sallyanne Sweeney at MMB Creative. The book will be published in hardback and e-book on 29th April 2021. Nicky Crane, commissioning editor at Sphere, will work with Smith on the publication.

Dubbed "Britain’s loneliest shepherdess", Gray's first book, One Girl and Her Dogs was published by Sphere in 2012 and detailed her solitary life and search for love on the remote Northumberland farm of Fallowlees, a National Trust farm with no electricity or neighbours for miles around. 

Her new memoir, co-written with author Barbara Fox, will continue to follow Gray's life on Fallowlees, including how she coped with losing loved ones and recovering from a serious accident. The memoir will also bring readers up to date with Gray's love life and how she found love and lasting happiness where she least expected it, says the publisher. 

Crane said: "I’m thrilled to be publishing the next chapter in Emma’s story, and know that fans of Emma, husband Ewan and baby Len on BBC Two’s 'This Farming Life' will be desperate to hear more from Emma, and her family’s rural way of life. This heart-warming new book is perfect for those wanting to escape to the countryside, as we follow Emma through the highs and lows of life on Fallowless farm, as she expands her farm, raises herds of animals, and competes with her dogs in more sheepdog trials. It’s an inspiring story of how Emma works unbelievably hard to overcome all the challenges she faced, and how sheer determination and love of animals wins through – and how true love can blossom in the most unlikeliest of places."

Gray commented: "It’s been a busy few years since the publication of One Girl and Her Dogs to say the least! I’m so excited to be able to tell my story in My Farming Life of how I made my dream of becoming an established farmer come true – as well as write about all the drama that came along with it. As a less-than-likely shepherdess on an off-grid farm, I welcomed the opportunity to show my readers what life is like on a farm like Fallowless, and how I managed to keep my farming dream alive."

Gray has also appeared in ITV’s celebrity shepherding contest "Flockstars", on "Tales from Northumberland with Robson Green", and was featured in BBC’s "Countryfile" and "This Farming Life".