Historical novel re-imagining The Battle of Waterloo to HoZ

Historical novel re-imagining The Battle of Waterloo to HoZ

Head of Zeus is to publish False Lights, a "brilliant new historical novel" from K J Whittaker.

Rosie de Courcy, editorial director at Head of Zeus, has acquired world all language rights from Catherine Clarke at Felicity Bryan Associates.

The premise of the book is that Napoleon instead of Wellington had won the Battle of Waterloo, and that his ex-wife Empress Josephine is presiding over French-occupied England.

Wellington is in secret captivity in the Scilly Isles and the Cornish are threatening to join forces with the French against the English.  Hester Harewood, who has escaped to London, and her rescuer Jack ‘Crow’ Crowlas have become embroiled in a web of treachery and espionage, as plans are laid to free Wellington and lead an uprising against the French occupation.

De Courcy said: "This is one of the best historical novels I have ever read. Gripping, clever and beautifully written - with a hero I'm completely smitten by." 

Clarke said: "False Lights is smart historical adventure romance of the highest order, and I am thrilled that Head of Zeus is its publisher."

Whittaker is the Carnegie-nominated author of six YA novels published by Walker Books under the name Katy Moran. She said: "I am so delighted that False Lights has found the perfect home at Head of Zeus."