The Bright Agency launches film and TV division

The Bright Agency launches film and TV division

The Bright Agency is launching an in-house film and TV division and has hired Courtney Arumugam, formerly of Mattel Creations, to match Bright’s creators with studios and broadcasters.

Arumugam will identify which Bright titles would make compelling TV or film content and work with studios and broadcasters to bring them to the screen, either as joint ventures, co-productions or full option agreements. She will also work with creators to make new content specifically for the screen.

Vicki Willden-Lebrecht, founder and m.d. of The Bright Agency, said “there has never been a time quite as ripe” to invest in exploring film and TV rights. She added: “My absolute focus remains with finding the right home for my artists and authors, [one] where they are financially and creatively recognised. I am so excited with what this new landscape offers.”
“I strongly believe that the very best-loved characters, brands and TV series and films are born in the pages of books, where they are defined by real depth and integrity. For many of these beloved books, where rights have been sold in more than 30 territories to date, the characters are truly international.”

Since its launch in 2007, Bright has retailed the film, TV and merchandising rights for “nearly all” of its author-illustrated titles, Willden-Lebrecht added.

Arumugam spent four years at Mattel developing IP and content for brands aimed at children aged two to 12, and has worked in commissioning and production for Channel 4, BBC and Fremantle Media. She reports to Willden-Lebrecht.