Brexit book to be sent to all UK politicians

Brexit book to be sent to all UK politicians

A book warning about the dangers of Brexit is to be sent to every elected national politician in the UK following the success of an impromptu fundraising campaign set up by a reader.

Launched in December, the campaign was started by software engineer Justen Hyde to distribute copies of Brexit: What the Hell Happens Now? (Canbury Press) by editor Ian Dunt to all 650 English MPs.

The campaign has raised £5,933.72 from 363 supporters surpassing its initial target of £3,959. It will now be sent to all 650 English MPs and also to representatives in the devolved assemblies in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland - a total of 972 politicians.

Hyde, who did not previously know the book’s author or anyone at Canbury Press prior to reading the book, launched the campaign in a bid to "raise the quality" of the Brexit debate.

He said: "Since the EU referendum the tone of debate among MPs has often shown a worrying lack of engagement with the real complexities of negotiating Brexit. The dangers of a mismanaged Brexit should worry everyone - both Leave and Remain supporters. In a bid to raise the quality of debate, we plan to deliver a copy of Brexit: What the Hell Happens Now? by Ian Dunt to every MP, complete with a covering letter stating the aims of the campaign. We’ll ask them to read it and ask them to set out their thoughts on the key issues raised."

Brexit: What the Hell Happens Now? was published in November.