Bree Tanner sells 162,000 Stateside, indies miss out

<p>Stephenie Meyer&#39;s Twilight novella,<em> The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner </em>(Little, Brown), sold 161,681 copies over the weekend in the US, according to Nielsen BookScan data. But it falls short of the 2010 weekly sales record Stateside which was set by the hardback edition of Stieg Larsson&#39;s <em>The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets&#39; Nest</em> (Knopf), released on 25th May. The $27.95 publication, the third instalment in Larsson&#39;s Millennium crime trilogy, sold 247,809 copies in five days upon release.</p><p>Little, Brown earlier announced that it was printing 1.5 million-copies of the Twlight novella, and said this week that it had sold more than 350,000 copies in its first two days. <a href=" target="_blank" title=" Weekly</a> has reported some independent booksellers admitting on lacklustre sales of the spin-off book, with some blaming the fact that the book is available free online.&nbsp; According to Little, Brown, 15,000 people have read the book online for free. </p><p><em>Hornets&#39; Nest </em>takes second position behind <em>The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner </em>in this week&#39;s BookScan US bestseller list, with Larsson&#39;s <em>The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo</em> and <em>The Girl Who Played with Fire </em>(both Vintage), taking third and fourth position respectively. The mass-market edition of Nora Roberts&#39;<em> Black Hills</em> (Jove) retains its fifth position week-on-week. <br /><br />New entries into the US Top 50 include Clive Cussler&#39;s third Isaac Bell novel, <em>The Spy </em>(Putnam), Laurell K Hamilton&#39;s<em> Bullet</em> (Berkley) and Jeffery Deaver&#39;s ninth Lincoln Rhyme thriller, <em>The Burning Wire</em> (Simon &amp; Schuster).<br /><br />12.5m books were bought in the US during the seven days to 6th June, down 1% week-on-week and down 9% on the comparative week last year.<br /><br />In the UK, <em>The Short Second Life of Bree Tanne</em>r (Atom) sold 89,549 copies in just 19 hours upon release, which made it one of the fastest-selling books since records began. <br /></p>